Jill Raedels – A Multi-Unit Snip-its Children’s Franchise Opportunity Story

Jill Raedels Snip-its Children's Franchise Operator

Jill Raedels owns multiple Snip-its salons in multiple states.

The path to exploring a children’s franchise opportunity is not always a straight one. Prior to becoming a successful Snip-its franchisee, Jill Raedels, like many soon-to-be entrepreneurs, was on a completely different career trajectory. She started her career in sales with Enterprise Holdings, Inc. after completing training widely known to be very challenging. Little did she know this experience would provide her the skills and foundation to become a multi-unit owner of 7 children’s hair salon franchises.

As life progressed, Jill became a mother and was looking for a place to bring her daughter for a haircut. To her surprise, there was nothing available in the suburbs of Lexington for kids’ haircuts. Realizing that there was a unserved need in the market, she set out to research children’s franchise opportunities. She recalled hearing about a great kids hair salon in her hometown of Greenville, SC, and began researching. This is where Jill found Snip-its Haircuts for Kids. Within six months, she was signed on and planned to open her first Snip-its location in Lexington, SC, in 2011.

Balancing Life

Initially, Jill continued to do both her corporate career while working on the salon business mainly on weekends. However, juggling motherhood and the salon started to take too much time and energy away from what was most important, her family. Knowing she wanted to be her own boss, Jill decided to go all in and focus on Snip-its as a full-time career. Jill quickly expanded her salon footprint by purchasing the Greenville, SC, and Charlotte, NC, locations in 2013 and by mid-2015 she opened her 4th salon in Columbia, SC.

Since then, Jill has expanded her business outside of the Carolinas. She now has locations in Millbury, Peabody, and Canton, MA, rounding out her ownership of Snip-its to seven locations. How does she do it? She believes those considering franchises in the salon industry should have tenacity and be self-starters. Franchisees need to ask a lot of questions, trust the model, and follow the processes that Snip-its has created. She thinks Snip-its’ competitive advantage is their ability to balance the needs of the children, parents, and hair stylists. This was the goal the founder of Snip-its had when she created the first location, and Jill said she believes its why Snip-its has done so well over many years. Keeping each part of this triangle happy in their experience is critical to promote long term growth and success among franchisees who follow the model.

Success Factors

Her business card says “Chief Happiness Officer.” She says one factor with franchising success within Snip-its is to create a good organizational structure. Hiring great people and giving them the autonomy to manage the day-to-day work gives them a sense of ownership. Recruiting a staff with this level of autonomy in your business is critical to becoming a multi-unit franchisee. This structure provides visibility across all salons and ensures employees are being supported and enjoy their jobs.

Jill had seen double-digit growth in most of her salons before the pandemic in 2017, 2018, and 2019. She says Snip-its corporate team was pivotal in helping her manage her expansion and take advantage of this niche children’s franchise opportunity. “The more engaged and involved you are with the corporate team and their initiatives, the more successful you will be,” Jill states.

Living the Dream

Her goal is to continue building her portfolio of salons, but the reward for her is seeing the children. “Very few children’s franchise opportunities allow you to actually see and experience the impact we have on kids and families. “Working in a business that is actually helping to build self-confidence in children is a reward all of its own. And providing a workplace for stylists that share this same passion is such a joyful way to spend my life. I don’t need to think about my dream job because I’m already living it,” Jill concludes.

To learn more about opening your own children’s hair salon franchise with Snip-its, click here to request an informational packet.

5 Great Reasons to Open a Children’s Franchise

Snip-its Las Vegas

Snip-its Las Vegas


If you are looking to strike out on your own and finally work for yourself as a small business owner, you may wonder if franchising is the right path for you. When it comes to children’s franchise opportunities, there are no shortage of brands to consider. Recent estimates put the number of franchises in the United States at 750,000 and growing! While we can’t speak for all of them, we can tell you that there are several potential benefits to franchising a Snip-its hair salon, including:

  • Established brand recognition: When you franchise a well-known hair salon brand like Snip-its, you can benefit from our reputation and established (25+ year) customer base.
  • Support and resources: Snip-its provides support and resources to help franchisees get their businesses up and running, including training, marketing materials, and operational guidance.
  • Buying power: Franchisees benefit from our purchasing power – providing purchasing efficiencies for some products and materials needed to help you run your salon more effectively.
  • Reduced risk: Franchising in general can be less risky than starting a business from scratch. Franchisees of Snip-its leverage our tested business model and support system from the start.
  • Simplified expansion: When you want to expand your business, our franchisees can tap our resources and support to strategize the additional openings of new locations- helping you get closer to market dominance.

Starting your own business (children’s franchise or not) takes hard work and determination to reach your goals. While franchising a business doesn’t guarantee success, wouldn’t you rather take the journey with others who were once in your shoes? For more information on Snip-its, please contact us today.

Is a Hair Salon the Right Children’s Franchise for You?

It’s no secret that owning a children’s franchise is popular among today’s entrepreneurs.

When you look deeper at a children’s franchise selection, the hair salon market offers some of the most consistent rewards. The beauty industry, worth more than $56 billion annually, wields big potential, and hair care is the largest segment.

Who wouldn’t want to be in on that kind of growth? Before you try to start a salon from scratch, though, you might want to consider the obstacles you’ll face going it alone. Your salon brand will need to get off the ground with little to no brand name recognition. You’ll need to be strategic and get advice on where best to lease a space. You’ll need to answer such questions as: How will you construct and build your salon? What services will you offer? How will you market your hair salon to drive in new customers? How will you know what products to carry?

One option for you to consider is franchising a hair salon with brand recognition and a well-established system. If you want to invest in yourself and do it with potentially fewer missteps, franchising a children’s hair salon with Snip-its might be right for you. Snip-its offers a proven system with nearly 30 years of experience and brand awareness throughout the U.S., has a tested model and support system for where and how to build your hair salon, and provides the training and franchise peer network to set you up for success and reduce risk.

Snip-its franchise

So, how do you know if franchising a Snip-its salon is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Are you passionate about children and understand what it’s like to be a parent?

At Snip-its, “We Speak Kid TM”! Serving the families that come into our salons is something we take seriously, and the joy we spark during each haircut adventure is immeasurable. Our training focuses heavily on customer service and our carefully crafted haircut adventure.

Can you follow our proven model and maximize your children’s franchise?

Snip-its has already perfected the children’s haircut experience. Since 1995, we have dialed in our business model to ensure kids leave our salons looking adorable and happy. Parents know what to expect when they bring their kids into a Snip-its. They trust the brand, the services we offer, and the carefully curated products we sell in our salons. If you are the type of person who can diligently follow an established model and trust the process, then franchising will suit you well. If you consider yourself more of a trailblazer who needs to change things up frequently, then franchising probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Can you network within your community and build a strong team?

You don’t need to be a hairstylist or a barber to own a Snip-its salon. Most of our franchise owners had no experience in the hair industry at all before signing on with us. What you do need to be good at is building relationships. Getting out into the community to network with other local business owners, potential customers, and talented hairstylists and barbers is crucial to your success. Being able to recruit quality hair salon staff and build an amazing work culture will help you maximize your potential.

Answering yes to the questions above provides a good indication that a children’s franchise might be right for you. Snip-its is looking to expand throughout the U.S. To see where we are growing and learn more about this exciting children’s franchise opportunity with Snip-its Haircuts for Kids, we invite you to request our Snip-its Franchise Report.

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