Why Do Our Customers Love Us?

Iconic children’s haircut franchise delivers an unbeatable experience for our young customers

You probably don’t remember your first haircut, but I guarantee your parents do. If you have children, you know it can be a scary experience for a baby to get their first haircut.

Snip-its was founded to be THE place that parents take their children to not only get their first haircuts, but all haircuts throughout their childhood. Snip-its specializes in cutting children’s hair, but even more, we specialize in making children feel safe, welcomed, and excited about their haircut.

Here is how one parent from Charlotte, North Carolina, described their experience in a five-star Google review.

The stylist was very patient with our 3-year-old son, she writes. He had never had a haircut outside of me butchering his hair, so we were not sure how it would go. She was so great with him. You could tell she deals with little kids often. It was $22 plus tip, but well worth it for no tears. We will be back.

We Speak KidTM

Snip-its excels at providing the latest and greatest with children haircuts and styles, because that is what we specialize in. We go above and beyond to make sure that every time a child walks through our doors, they are entering a world that is fun, safe, exciting, and adventurous.

Beginning with the experience, there’s simply nothing that compares to Snip-its. Our young customers enter a whole new world that is filled with interactive cartoon characters, entertainment, and prizes. We really take the time to make it feel like this is an adventure.

But it’s really our hair stylists who deliver the heart of the experience. Our hair stylists and barbers are trained specifically to cut children’s hair, and they work at our locations because they have a true love of children. Their love is what keeps our young customers calm and happy, and helps keep parents at ease.

Here is how one mom in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma describes her visit to a Snip-its franchise in a five-star Google review.

I took my 2-year-old to get his haircut here yesterday, and I am SO glad we came in! I was having pretty bad anxiety knowing he has hated having his haircut in the past, but Rebecca was so kind and patient with both of us while he got his haircut. She provided him with a Dinosaur show and plenty of lollipops to keep him occupied. And she gave a great and quick cut! We had an all around amazing experience. I highly recommend Rebecca and Snip-its!

Special needs children get special attention

One of the things that makes Snip-its truly stand out is our commitment to special needs children. Our stylists are specifically trained to ensure that kids with sensory sensitivities and autism are welcomed and cared for during their haircut.

Parents with special needs children often have a challenging time finding a hair salon with the proper training and expertise to cut their children’s hair. When they bring their children to Snip-its, they can be sure their child will get caring, compassionate service in an environment that allows them to experience our awesome haircut adventure.

Here is how one mom from Akron, Ohio, put it in a five-star Google review:

My daughter is on the spectrum and had her first haircut here. Her hairdresser followed her around the whole establishment while cutting her hair in spurts. She was very patient with her, and we had her first haircut done!
Special needs kids snip-its haricut

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