Interview: Snip-its Franchise Marketing Manager, Mariah Whurr

Marketing manager for the iconic children’s haircut franchise opens up about what makes the brand a worthy investment

As marketing manager, Mariah Whurr’s job is to show why kids love going to get their haircut at Snip-its, and why parents chose to keep bringing their children back for this one of a kind experience.

Indeed, Snip-its is no ordinary hair salon. Our locations are designed to be magical places for kids that offer a fun and memorable adventure. And, it’s a place where parents know they can trust our stylists to take care of their children.

“It’s fun to interact and go through the whole haircut adventure,” Whurr said.

But it’s not just kids that get to have all the fun. Snip-its has built an exciting and lively culture that permeates from the corporate team down to franchisees and their stylists. With more than 100 years of combined experience in the hair care industry, the Snip-its corporate team offers one of the best investment children’s franchise opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to realize their dreams of small business ownership.

“With Snip-its, you have the best of both worlds: You’re a local entrepreneur starting a business in your hometown, and you also have the branding of Snip-its and its support team to help you every step of the way,” Whurr said.

In this wide-ranging interview, Whurr talks about how franchisees are supported in marketing efforts, what the competition looks like in this niche market, and what makes for a successful franchise owner.

Mariah Whurr snip-its franchise

How do you help new franchisees with their marketing efforts?

Before they open the doors to their new location, we have weekly calls where we go over a marketing plan that includes how to put on a grand opening and how to reach a targeted audience. One of the great things is that we work with an agency called OneTouchPoint that makes it easy to specialize your marketing efforts for your community.

Also, during their multi-day training program, we have almost a full day dedicated to marketing. During that session, I take the time to walk new franchisees through the process, because I don’t expect them to know how marketing works. But we’ll walk you through everything from how to do social media to how to use online reputation management listings. It’s very hands-on.

Do you offer ongoing support for marketing?

Anytime anyone needs a call with me to go over marketing, I’m available. And then some things we do just from the corporate side to help the franchisee, like the website. Each location has its own micro-site, and I’m the back end support there. I also set up and am an admin on their Facebook page, which means I do branded posts on their Facebook page.

What are some other ways you get the Snip-its name out there?

We obviously do a lot of traditional marketing. But we also have a very big following on Facebook. We’ve also partnered with Autism Speaks and companies like DreamWorks and Netflix.

Is there a lot of competition in this niche market?

There are not many companies like us across the country. We’ve been fore more than 27 years, especially on the East Coast and in the Boston area where we started. There are probably three or four other brands that are specific to kids’ haircuts.

What do you think makes for a successful Snip-its franchise owner?

I’ve been surprised sometimes, actually, with who makes a great franchise owner. For the most part, it takes someone who is a people person willing to do a lot of local initiatives to be part of the community they serve. Also, it’s so important to ask for help when they need it, and be able to listen and follow some of our advice.

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