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Many people are looking for a unique children’s franchise opportunity. The Snip-its experience delivers on this with professionals who understand how to deliver kids hair care. Learn what they are doing to remain one of the top hair salon opportunities for entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Jason Bakker, CEO of the iconic children’s haircut franchise, opens up in Q&A interview

It may not be common knowledge, but children actually have a lot of fears about getting their haircut. That’s why at Snip-its, we’ve created a welcoming, safe and fun environment that kids want to come back to again and again.

“This concept was created to make the experience of getting a haircut more pleasant for kids, which in turn, of course, makes it more enjoyable for the parents,” CEO of Snip-its, Jason Bakker, said.

For more than 25 years, Snip-its has made getting a haircut a fun and memorable experience for kids. It’s one of the many reasons why parents choose us over the rest. And right now, Snip-its is actively looking for the next wave of excited and dedicated entrepreneurs who want to bring this unique and amazing concept to communities across the country.

In this wide ranging interview, Baker talks about what makes Snip-its unique, what makes for a successful franchise owner, and why now is the time to invest.

ceo of snip-its

What makes Snip-its unique?

The uniqueness of our salon is really driven by our custom branding, especially with our main mascot, Snips. We also have a whole host of other cartoon characters that bring life in our salons and through our branded entertainment. Kids also really look forward to our “Magic Box,” which is an interactive prize box they receive at the end of their haircut adventure. Kids go bonkers over that! Really, it all comes down to the experience, because when you walk into a Snip-its, you’re not walking into a regular salon.

What has made the brand so strong all these years?

Snip-its is a 25-plus year old children’s hair salon franchise that’s been serving families and kids for that entire time. Our strongest brand attribute is our dedication to the communities we serve. We’ve been in some communities a very, very long time, so there’s a real sense of family in our salons among the staff and among the generations of families that come into our salons and return, which is pretty cool. At some of our oldest locations, we now have customers that used to come to us as kids, and now they’re coming in with their own kids.

What qualities make a great Snip-its franchise owner?

We have people from all walks of life in our system who are succeeding. We look for people who can work 15 to 20 hours a week on the business, being visible in the salon and making sure things are operating per our standards. You have to be diligent at following our formula, a good networker, and willing to learn the economics of a salon business model.

And also, you just have to be good with people, especially employees. Hair stylists have a culture unto themselves, and our franchise owners know how to speak stylist. If you’re a good people person and good at judging character and talent, you’re going to be successful.

Do you have to quit your day job to own a Snip-its?

No, you don’t. In fact, many of our franchisees have full time corporate careers. And a lot of our franchisees find success in multi-unit ownership. Right now, 36% of our franchisees own multiple units. A lot of that is because we are easy-to-scale. We have a great build design that streamlines the process, which lets us move as fast as the franchisee wants to move. Multi-unit ownership also really helps us build brand recognition, which helps all franchise owners.

How are new franchise owners supported?

We have a specific training curriculum that covers everything from the history of Snip-its to the opening of your salon and training staff. Then, we have a great ongoing training support system, covering all aspects of the business, from technical training, the latest trends in hair care, customer service, manager training, and learning about our products. We also do on-demand training on request and regularly conduct site visits.

Where do you see Snip-its headed toward the future?

One of our main goals is to continue to grow in strategic markets and expand into communities that are underserved in children’s hair care. I would like to see us get to 100 salons in the next few years. It’s also important for us to stay on top of the latest technology, so we’re always looking at ways to incorporate the right new technology to enhance the changing needs of our customers.

Why is now a great time to invest with Snip-its?

There’s a ton of territory out there where people still don’t know the Snip-its brand. There’s a lot of real estate out there to be had. Many people are looking for a unique children’s franchise opportunity. The Snip-its experience delivers on this with professionals who understand how to deliver kids hair care. More and more, new entrepreneurs are finding success with us because the demand for hair care is constant. After 25 years, we’ve proven that we have lasting power and the need for dedicated kids’ salons is not going away. We’re here to stay.

If you’re ready to start a conversation with the Snip-its franchise team about investing in a Snip-its children’s salon franchise, fill out our inquiry form here, and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch with a copy of our Franchise Information Report.

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